Portland (Before the Wedding)

Portland is home to no one who attended the wedding, so all of us travelled to be there. Most of us came for the weekend and most of us stayed at the Downtown Embassy Suites. Friday evening, a few of us had dinner at Kells. On Saturday, I went to the Portland Children’s Museum with Lena, T, Vivian, Brian, Heather, Keith, Gary (the younger), Corina, Colton, and baby Kenzie. This is an amazing Children’s Museum, and the great-grandkids loved it. I tagged along to spend time with the kids (Grands and Greats) and to take photos, but my photos turned out to be an unusable blur of the kids climbing and sliding and dashing and splashing from one activity to the next.

Saturday evening, several of us in Portland gathered at Old Time Pizza for dinner.

Credit: Some of the photos in this album are from Lena (thank you).

© Virginia E. Vail 2012