All the Rest of 2011

January: Brian and Jason here for the Chinese New Year’s Mini-parade. March: Ron and Sheri here for corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day and Kelly’s birthday party in Sacramento. April: Brunch at Scott’s (Jack London Square) with Ron, Sheri, Brian, and Bev, and an Amtrak trek to Old Sacramento with Ron and Sheri where great-niece Kelly joined us for lunch. May: Bob’s and Ardyth’s 80-60-80 Party at Micke Grove, dinner at Eddie Rickenbacker’s with Gary and Corina, and Sheri’s birthday at Venticello. June: Photos from a day at the California Academy of Sciences (CADS) with Tom and Ron. September: Peggy's BD in Valley Springs. November: Jim's visit and a trip to Las Vegas with Tim and Hank. December: Brunch at Scott's at JLS with Ron, Sheri and Peggy; Christmas dinner with Bill and Peggy at the Franciscan.

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