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Travel and Family:

The photos, movies, and journals are from our travels and family gatherings. Our large family is scattered over five continents; sometimes we travel to visit family and sometimes our family travels with us — it's all good, either way.

Our most recent family event — Gabrielle’s and Jeffrey’s Wedding:

14-8190 The Kiss (GregS-0735)

Gabrielle and Jeffrey were married on December 7th in Kells Irish Pub in Portland. 

14-8232 Wedding Party (Z-8-682)

It was a great venue and ceremony and was followed by a fun reception with excellent music, food, drink and, of course, Voodoo Donuts.

Recent Travels — Eastern Europe in September and Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea in June:

In September, we took a Cal Discoveries Tour to Eastern Europe that began in Sofia, Bulgaria and ended in Prague, Czech Republic. Most of the tour was by boat on the Danube River. When the tour ended in Prague, we traveled on our own to Krakow, Poland. Jim and Corky drove to Passau, Germany and spent an afternoon with us there. They also flew to Krakow for the weekend. Tom, Peggy, and Bill met us in Prague on Gary/Dad/Grandpa’s 80th Birthday and traveled with us to Krakow. It was a great trip and was made even more special by having family join us along the way.

Below are a few examples of the 500+ photos you’ll find in these 5 albums:

    Bulgaria to Serbia

    • Hungray to Slovakia

    • Austria to Germany

    • Prague Czech Republic

    • Krakow Poland

14-5311 Belgrade Fortress (Z-6-795)

< Belgrade Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia

14-5567 Fishermen's Bastion (Z-7-206)

Fishermen’s Bastion, Budapest, Hungary >

14-5861 Sailing by Durnstein (Z-7-608)

Dürnheim, Austria >

14-6259 Old Town (Z-8-025)

< Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic

14-6692 Little Market Square (Z-8-382)

In Little Market Square, Krakow, Poland >

More Travels:

In June, we took a Cal Discoveries Tour that included a trek across Norway, a cruise around the Baltic Sea, and a short stay in Stockholm.

Below are samples of the 300+ photos you’ll find in thses 4 albums:

    • Norway

    • Copenhagen to Tallin

    • St. Petersburg

    • Helsinki to Stockholm 

14-2120 Tvindefossen (Z-4-534)

< Tvindefossen Falls, near Stalheim, Norway 

14-3078 Old Town Square (Z-5-379)

Old Town Hall, Tallin, Estonia >

14-3246 Church of Spilled Blood Pano 5 (463-464)

<  The Church of Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia

14-3749 Stockholm Pano 3-Old Town Sq. (148-149)

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Old Town Square, Stockholm, Sweden >

And here are more family events from earlier in 2014

14-1833 Brian's Graduation (Z-4-353)

Brian’s Graduation

In May, Brian graduated with a BA from the University of Maryland, and he barely got to catch his breath before starting his Masters Program.

14-1822 Brian's Graduation (Z-4-341)

See Photo Album for more photos; there’s also a 2 minute video.

14-1587 Wedding Party Pics (JW-322)

Michelle’s and Chris’ Wedding:

On April 12th, Michelle and Chris were married in Corpus Christi. It was a beautiful and very fun wedding    

14-1532 Girls get Ready (JW-074)

There are two photo albums; one with photos from the wedding and the other with a few before and after photos in Corpus Christi

© Virginia E. Vail 2012
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