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The purpose of this website is to share our photos, movies, and journals from our travels and gatherings with friends and our large family, which is scattered over four, and sometimes five, continents. 

Africa October 2017

Yay! My photos and videos from the 2017 trip to Southern Africa are right here, right now (except for the Chobe National Park video, which is coming soon).

Everything is here on the Home Page. Click the play buttons to watch the 3 videos. Click the photos to go to the 4 photo albums. Click the links to go to my Reflections Enroute blogs; The Rovos Rail blog is new and includes a 2-minute video of the train trip (plus a short video of Dung Beetles).

17-8604 Chobe Lions (Z-13-354)

Chobe National Park, Botswana

Click the lion photo to go to the photo album

17-8575 Victoria Falls (Z-13-203)

Rovos Rail, Hwange National Park & Victoria Falls

Click the falls photo to go to the photo album

See my Reflections Enroute post “Rovos Rail — Luxury Train Journeys in Africa” to learn more about traveling on Rovos Rail and to view the 2-minute video of the 3-day train ride.

17-8237.4 Head right (Z-12-606)

Thornybush Game Reserve

Click the Leopard photo to go to the photo album

See my Reflections Enroute post “Up Close and Uncaged at Thornybush, the Big 5 Animals” for more information about the Thornybush Game Reserve and to see "The Big 5” video.

Thornybush Video 1: Nothing But Elephants

Thornybush Video 2: Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, and Much More

17-8096 Cape Town Harbor (Z-12-274)

Waterfront, Cape Town, SA

Click the Waterfront photo to go to the photo album    

Video: Penguins on Boulders Beach on the Cape Peninsula    

Ireland June 2017

The Ireland trip photos are posted, and there are two ways to view them:

Option 1: Click on the puffin to go to the thumbnails page. Click on any photo to open a large version. Use the arrow buttons above any photo to move back and forth through the photos. It’s a pain to keep clicking the arrow buttons; that’s why there’s Option 2.

17-3082 Puffin Mania (Z-334)

On Skellig Michael

This is my favorite Puffin on Skellig Michael. Just click on him to go to the Ireland photo album. 

Does Donegal, Ireland seem like a place you’d love to go? If so, I have a post for Donegal on Reflections Enroute: Discovering the Top Five Things to do in Donegal, Ireland. Check it out.    

Option 2: This simple slideshow lets you view the photos without constantly clicking the arrow button above them. I let the Photos slideshow feature pick the music, and it's not great. If I had picked it would would be and Irish Jig.

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