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The photos, movies, and journals are from our travels and family gatherings. Our large family is scattered over five continents; sometimes we travel to visit family and sometimes our family travels with us — it's all good, either way.

Ireland June 2017

The Ireland trip photos are posted now, and there are two ways to view them:

Option 1: Click on the puffin photo below and it will take you to the photo album page containing thumbnails for all the photos. Double click any thumbnail and it will open a new page with the full sized version of the selected photo. Then use the arrow buttons above the photo to navigate through all of the photos. This is a very simple website and the photo buttons can be tedious. Option 2 (below) will play the photos as a slideshow.

17-3082 Puffin Mania (Z-334)

                                  My Favorite puffin

                                  on Skellig Michael

Option 2: This simple slideshow lets you view the photos without constantly clicking the arrow button above the photos. I let Apple’s Photos program provide the music; otherwise, it would be an Irish Jig, and, as many in the Vail family know, it can get old fast.

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